Numerous awards and acclaim recognise Jens Fisker as an exceptionally skilled and experienced jazz guitarist. His distinct tone and musical expression stems from a fundamental passion for jazz and love of the jazz tradition. His infectious joy in music always transcends to the audience and creates a positive and rewarding response making the experience truly enjoyable. Living in the near vicinity of the North Sea with nature close at hand, the tranquillity and the roughness of the landscape bears a significant impact on Jens’ work. Time seems limitless here and offers room for reflection and immersion into the music. Walking along the rugged coastal line with the North Sea banging on the shores Jens finds inspiration as well as peace of mind. Perhaps it is his rural upbringing; perhaps it is the influence from nature that makes Jens a grounded musician with a relaxed and unpretentious attitude toward his creative work. No matter the origin Jens Fisker comes through as an honest, down to earth guy with a passion for jazz and his jazz guitar.

Professional collaboration
Throughout his career Jens has worked with a vast and expanding number of professional and skilled musicians. He has performed with Jakob Mygind (DK), Mariusz Prasniewski (PL), Kasper Tranberg (DK), Aidan Löwe (AUS), Luke Sweeting (AUS), Søren Gemmer (DK), Daniel Sommer (DK), Margrethe Grarup (DK) and many more. Adding to the list of formidable musicians are excellent bands and orchestras such as Nordkraft Big Band, Jazzpunch, Vulkan, Meutiviti and many more. Constantly seeking to expand and challenge his musical expression Jens partakes in various professional enterprises, nationally as well as internationally.

Musical expression

A distinct individual sound characterises Jens’ musical expression. An urban vibe with reminiscences of time spent in Berlin exploring the international jazz scene combined with elements of bebop, blues and modern jazz is the musical quintessence of Jens Fisker. Constantly challenging and sharpening the coolness of the urban New York jazz sound the tranquillity as well as the roughness of the Nordic landscape lurks in the background of his music creating a sound, which is unmistakably Jens Fisker.  


  • Paysage 2017 was among the most played of the month on DR – P8 Jazz

  • The Jazz Clash Prize 2015

  • Regional Jazz Musician of the Year 2012

Xylop 2012 featured 200 times on DR – P8 Jazz