«Paysage» features Polish bass player Mariusz Prasniewski and fellow-Danish drummer Daniel Sommer. Fisker’s nine original compositions are dedicated to close persons or attempt to capture emotional memories or states of mind. All are delivered as playful, lyrical musical stories, rooted in modern jazz legacy but do not subscribe necessarily to the swinging American jazz school, spiced by a distinct, leisured atmosphere and reserved melancholy and characterized by Fiskers personal sound.

- Eyal Hareuveni / Salt Peanuts


“Jens Fisker uses the trio as an asset, an living organ that breathes the music. It’s extremely comfortable and responsive jazz from three musicians who, in the subdued ballad style, never decides to become boring or predictable. They always have something to tell. Passage is a solid jazz album that deserves to be heard.”

- Niels Overgård / JazzNyt


“Jens Fisker knows how to play guitar. With a soft and comfortable tone on the instrument.The melodies and improvisations floats pleasantly towards the listener.”

- Carl Ancher / Århus Jazz Festival

“ Based on Jens Fisker's original compositions, the students received an hour of intense jazz, ranging from beautiful, quiet, almost understated ballads to funky compositions with high energy. All four musicians are equilibrists on their instruments and play with great empathy and nerve. It infected the students, who were pulled out of their musical comfort zone, and Jens Fisker guided them with safe hand through the concert. Jens' way of speaking to the students when he presented the numbers and told little anecdotes was present and enthusiastic, and the prejudices of jazz as a high-pitched, intellectual and incomprehensible music genre that might have been, was to a degree demystified.”

- Peter Aagård /Headmaster of Vesterdal Creative Boarding School